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    Fenway Group

    We provide an alternative to IT offshoring factories.  We are developing the next generation of IT talent to help you transform your organization to a center of innovation and excellence.


    The Home of Scrum.  This is where to start your Scrum journey:  The Scrum Guide, Open Assessments, Articles, Forums.


    Gunther Verheyen - Scrum Caretaker

    Gunther continues to be an inspiration to me and I am grateful for his leadership.


    Geoff Watts - UK's leading Scrum Master & Leadership Coach

    Geoff continues to challenge me to think differently, grow, and develop.


    Scrum Master Toolbox - Vasco Duarte

    This is my favorite Scrum podcast.  Vasco keeps the content fresh, relevant, and concise.  Go check it out!